Common Applications of Heavy Haulage and When You Might Need It

January 04 2024
Heavy haulage refers to the transportation of oversized and overweight loads that exceed the standard legal limits for road transportation.

Have you ever wondered how massive bulldozers and cranes get to construction sites? Or how farmers get a new combine delivered to them?

Heavy haulage is the answer.

Here, I’ll explain some of the common industries that rely on heavy haulage. I’ll also cover examples of oversized loads and equipment that get transported.


Examples of When You Might Need Heavy Haulage

1. Transportation of Oversized Loads

Heavy haulage is used for transporting a wide range of immense equipment, huge machinery, prefabricated structures, and other oversized loads that cannot be transported by regular vehicles.

A broad range of industries rely on oversized equipment and machinery to ensure smooth, efficient operations.

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2. Construction Projects

Heavy haulage services are crucial to the construction industry. Heavy haulage enables construction workers to have their oversized machinery safely delivered to and from job sites. These heavy haulage services are especially important for large-scale building projects.

Here are some examples of oversized equipment my team often hauls in the construction industry:

  • Bulldozers
  • Concrete pumps
  • Excavators
  • Forklifts
  • Front end loaders
  • Bulk construction materials
  • Skidsteers


3. Mining and Resource Industries

The mining and resource industries also depend on heavy haulage transport to make operations possible.

Heavy haulage services ensure that heavy mining machinery is delivered to and from remote sites in a safe and timely manner.

Mining industries require a variety of oversized equipment that may need to be transported, such as:

  • Earthmovers
  • Drills
  • Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Enormous mining trucks
  • Drilling rigs
  • Crushers
  • Pipes
  • Bulk raw materials
  • Conveyors


4. Agricultural Sector

Heavy haulage is essential for efficient farming operations. Heavy equipment haulage is used to transport large agricultural machinery and other oversized, heavy farming equipment, including:

  • Combines
  • Tractors
  • Sprayers
  • Harvesters
  • Irrigation systems
  • Large amounts of fertiliser
  • Grain or bulk goods
  • Specialised equipment


5. Wind and Renewable Energy Projects

Have you ever stood beneath a towering wind turbine? If so, you know how incredibly massive they are.

Heavy haulage services are used to transport wind turbine towers, blades, and other oversized components. The power industry, including wind and renewable energy projects, depends on heavy haulage.

Heavy haulage services in the power and energy industry are used for transporting boilers, industrial solar panels, transformers, generators, and other integral components of energy and power projects.

The energy industry relies on heavy haulage to transport components of power plants, transformers, wind turbine parts, and other large equipment associated with energy generation.


6. Industrial Relocations

Heavy haulage services move large industrial machines and equipment when factories or industrial plants need to relocate.

When industrial plants need boilers, pressure vessels, specialised equipment, and manufacturing machines transported, heavy haulage services provide a safe, convenient, reliable option.


7. Transporting Vehicles

Heavy haulage services also transport a wide range of oversized vehicles. At Australia Wide Haulage, we can safely transport all large vehicles, including buses, trucks, and military vehicles.



  • What is heavy haulage transportation?

Heavy haulage transport services refer to moving oversized freight or equipment, such as boats, vehicles, bulldozers, combines, and other massive freight to a specified location.

To learn more about heavy haulage, you can read my guide here: What Is Heavy Haulage?

  • What are the benefits of heavy haulage services?

There are many benefits of hiring a heavy haulage company. Hiring heavy haulage services is safer, more economical, and easier than renting or purchasing a vehicle big enough to do the job. It is also easier and less time-consuming than taking several trips back and forth across Australia to move bulk products bit by bit.

  • Do I need to help with the unloading process?

Many businesses that haul oversized freight have a designated loaded dock for the equipment.

When we arrive to pick up or drop off freight, we usually ask for a worker to be present to assist in operating any dock doors and directing where the freight should be loaded/unloaded.

When you schedule heavy equipment transport with Australia Wide Haulage, our team will work out all the details with you so you know exactly what to expect and how to be prepared.

  • Can I have freight delivered to customers?

Yes, if your company sells large vehicles or products, we can help get the freight to your customers in a timely, secure manner. Whether you need a boat, car, large parts, heavy equipment, or other oversized items delivered, our heavy haulage specialists can help.

When considering heavy haulage, it's essential to adhere to regulations and obtain the necessary permits for oversized and overweight loads.


Why Choose Australia Wide Haulage for Your Heavy Haulage Needs

We take pride in delivering personalised, comprehensive services to our clients. From the initial planning process through coordinating delivery or pickup to delivery or pickup, we ensure a seamless service from start to finish.

Our heavy haulage specialists are client-focused and determined to deliver a positive customer experience every time, along with safe, reliable transport of oversized items or equipment.

We offer a range of heavy haulage services, including interstate transport, over-dimensional transport, heavy machinery transport, and mine and remote transport.

Our team of heavy haulage drivers and logistics specialists, and our extensive fleet, have helped us transport thousands of tonnes of oversized equipment throughout Australia. We’re proud to be Perth’s #1 heavy machinery transport company.

We offer reliable, safe, economical heavy equipment transport that Perth companies can count on. Contact our heavy haulage specialists today to get a quote or with any questions.