Oversized Hauls

Transporting oversized hauls is complex. You need a company with the knowledge and experience in moving heavy loads.

Our team has vast experience in transporting oversized equipment to mine sites and other locations across Australia. Here, you’ll learn more about oversized transport, and why it’s crucial to follow the proper safety and transportation procedures.

May 02 2024

What Is a Drop Deck Trailer?

Hauling oversized equipment is already a complicated task. But what about transporting equipment that exceeds the height clearance of a standard flatbed trailer? That’s where drop deck trailers come in. Here, I’ll cover what a drop deck trailer is, how drop deck trailers work, and the ideal applications for drop deck trailers.   What Is a Drop Deck Trailer? A drop deck trailer features two […]

November 28 2022
Australia has a complex network of rules and regulations related to oversized load transport.

Oversized Load Transport Regulations and Permits: A Complete Overview

Transporting oversized loads is a complex task. There are requirements and arrangements to complete before you’re permitted to take to the road. As a logistics company, we know about rules and regulations that should be followed, especially in transporting the over-dimensional load from one point to another. When we talk about oversized loads, it’s not just about metal sheets on the roof rack. Defining oversized […]

July 28 2021
Over Dimensional Transport-3-1

Everything You Need to Know About Moving Oversized Hauls

Carrying oversized loads is not possible with your own car, and typically even a truck will not be the right fit for the job. It’s true when you need to transport heavy hauls, especially from one state to another. The process is also more complicated than you think. Apart from the vehicle, you should also be knowledgeable in securing the load while understanding the rules […]