Everything You Need to Know About Moving Oversized Hauls

July 28 2021
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Carrying oversized loads is not possible with your own car, and typically even a truck will not be the right fit for the job. It’s true when you need to transport heavy hauls, especially from one state to another. The process is also more complicated than you think. Apart from the vehicle, you should also be knowledgeable in securing the load while understanding the rules of the road. 

In this blog post, we talk about the process of moving oversized hauls, as well as the things to look for in an oversize transport service.

Factors to Consider When Transporting Oversized Hauls

Transporting oversized hauls is complex. You need a company or a team of people with the knowledge and experience in moving heavy loads. The process is not just about placing the load in the vehicle and securing it. It’s also important to take note of the dimensions so that you don’t get stopped by the authorities. So, when it comes to transporting oversized goods, a reputable transport service provider will make sure the following are covered:

  • Legalities on Truck Size Limits: You can’t just pick any vehicle you want when moving oversized loads, especially with interstate transports. It’s essential to know the legal size limits, which differ widely in specific locations. But in general, the height limit is 4.3 metres, and the width limit is 2.5 metres for all heavy vehicles. There are a few exceptions based on the type of vehicle and the load carried. An experienced transport company already knows these rules and conditions – or they will do thorough research as part of creating a plan for the service, at the very least.
  • Weight Restrictions: Weight is also a massive concern in moving heavy hauls. Some loads require a specific set of axles. The tricky thing is that there are roads where the number of axles is restricted to a specific range.
  • Vehicles Involved: The truck that carries the load is usually not the only thing that’s part of the fleet. Depending on the large haul, you may require a police escort or a pilot vehicle. The rules vary based on the size of the load, the time of transport, and the vehicle used for transporting.
  • Signs to Bear: In most cases, it’s required for the truck to have several safety signs. Installation of flashing lights may also be needed, which ensures that the vehicle will be seen on the road, no matter what the weather and light condition.

Researching the factors above can take a lot of your time. To save time, you can hire a specialist business that will handle oversized haul transport for you. The company can contact the transport departments of your state and the destination. That way, all rules are adhered to, and your goods will get to the intended location without any problems.

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How to Move Oversized Truck Loads in Australia

Before moving oversized loads from and to anywhere in Australia, there are prerequisites that must be fulfilled:

  • Correct weight and size of vehicles
  • Escort (if required)
  • Permits
  • Knowledge of road restrictions

One benefit of working with a heavy haulage business is that you don’t have to worry about getting the permits. The company will obtain all of them for you.

Meanwhile, as the customer, you may want to be open to a flexible driving period since some oversized loads are not allowed during specific times of the day. The route should be planned accordingly, as well since certain roads and city centres may not allow the load. Depending on the goods in the truck, it may be necessary to liaise with police and councils. Allowing flexibility in the schedule can be beneficial, especially if the destination is far from the origin. Fuel stops, traffic, and other events could impact the plan. Having these things in mind can help in managing your expectations.

After all the prerequisites are taken care of, it’s time to move on to the process of transporting the load. Safety, of course, is a significant concern. Everyone, including the team of people behind the transport to the pedestrians on the road, should be safe as the vehicle passes by. The process generally involves the following steps:

  • Selecting the appropriate vehicle for the large or heavy shipment
  • Following the planned route
  • Ensuring the safety of loading and unloading the goods
  • Checking that the warning signs are visible on all sides of the vehicle, as well as the back and front

As mentioned, safety is of prime importance. When manoeuvring a colossal truck, along with the heavy haul, it’s a more complex task. This statement is especially true when reversing. The driver has to worry about reduced visibility, which is a common issue when reversing. If the driver is not careful and does not know what he is doing, it can result in injuries or even death. For this reason, it becomes a necessity to meticulously evaluate and commit the entire route of the journey to memory.

Loading and unloading heavy hauls can be tough, which is why equipment is often necessary. Forklifts, mobile cranes, or lifting gear may be needed upon arrival to remove the shipment from the truck. 

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Picking the Right Transport Logistics Company for Your Oversized Loads

Just like with any service provider that you hire, you have to be conscious of your decision when it comes to the heavy haulage business you select. It should never be about the cost. Many people make the mistake of hiring the cheapest oversize load transport company that they can find to save money. But there is always a reason why those firms chose to cut their costs. Logistics requires skilled workers, years of experience, the correct type of vehicle, and equipment. The only way for this specialist area to become cheap is by giving poor quality service.

Quality, of course, does not have to be extremely expensive – but it is not cheap, either. Investing in the right staff and helping educate the company members through training and updating their knowledge can be pricey. It’s important for the business to ensure the clients enjoy a safe service.

Aside from avoiding these suspicious companies with dirt-cheap offers, here are other things to look for before hiring the transport business for your oversized hauls:

  • A Fleet of Specialised Vehicles

Using suitable vehicles for the heavy haul is vital in ensuring that the goods get to their destination without any issues. Some of the most common vehicles used include flat top trailers, drop deck trailers, prime movers, and steerable jinkers.

  • Personalised Service

Each client has different needs. A reliable company knows how to handle these unique requirements by determining all factors that have an impact on the entire transport.

  • Attention to Detail

Moving oversized hauls has a number of limitations, conditions, and prerequisites. The company you hire should ensure all boxes are ticked before even hitting the road.

  • Competitive Prices

Whilst the costs do not need to be extremely cheap, they should still be realistic. You don’t need to break the bank to get good quality service when transporting your goods.

  • Safety Record

We have mentioned in this blog post a few times that safety is vital. It does not just concern the items being transported, but also the people behind the wheel and on the road, as well as other vehicles. One of the things you should ask the company you plan to hire is about the safety record. Accidents can happen, but a flawless safety record certainly speaks volumes.

Australia Wide Haulage is the trusted name in transporting oversized loads across the country. We understand the industry, which allows us to know which permits are required and the road rules.

If the load qualifies as oversize, which means it cannot be dismantled, rest assured that Australia Wide Haulage can help you with it. Contact us now for a quote.