9 Benefits of Hiring a Heavy Haulage Partner for Mining Equipment Transport

March 28 2024
Mine Site and Remote Location Transport

Moving heavy mining equipment without professional transport can put your machinery at risk of damage and personnel at risk of injury.

Partnering with heavy haulage specialists is the easiest way to ensure your mining equipment is transported safely and efficiently. Here, we’ll go further into the benefits of hiring a professional heavy haulage company for mining equipment transport.


9 Benefits of Hiring a Heavy Haulage Professional for Mining Equipment Transport

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1. Reduced Risk of Injuries

Our number one reason we recommend hiring a heavy haulage professional for mining equipment transport is to reduce the risk of injuries or accidents. Our priority in every situation is the safety of our personnel and yours.

Bulky, heavy mining equipment presents a range of difficulties and possible dangers throughout the moving process. Inexperienced movers will likely struggle with the complexities involved in moving heavy mining equipment. Immense organisation, strict safety measures, and rigorous planning are necessary for a safe, seamless transport process.

If you prioritise safety in your workplace, hiring a heavy haulage company for mining equipment transport is non-negotiable.


2. Less Strain on Your Equipment

The transportation process puts your fleet at risk of damage and strain, making it imperative to tailor the transport process to the equipment being hauled.

Mining equipment requires unique consideration for every job. The location, distance, load distribution, and load weight are just a few of the factors we analyse for every transport.

For instance, we take great care to minimise any shifting during the transport process. By properly securing loads, we reduce strain on equipment, decrease the chance of running into difficulties, and ensure we get your equipment delivered on time and in perfect condition.

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3. Frees Up Time for Other Business Operations

When you hire a heavy haulage company for your mining equipment, you eliminate the time intensive planning and management required for the transport process. This frees up time for normal business operations and lets you focus on other aspects of your company.

Outsourcing mining equipment transport also eliminates the chance of delays, reducing the risk of downtime.


4. Expert Organisation and Planning

A heavy haulage company will streamline the mining equipment transport by handling complicated logistics, such as:

  • What is the most suitable transportation route?
  • What are the best backup routes?
    What permits and certifications need to be obtained?
  • What transportation schedule will minimise downtime?

At Australia Wide Haulage, we keep you in the loop throughout the entire transport process, ensuring you know what to expect every step of the way.

From where your personnel should be during loading or unloading to accurate pick up and drop off times, we make sure you are aware of what to expect throughout the entire process. We also use advanced GPS tracking technology, allowing you to monitor your shipment’s progress from start to finish.


5. Integrated Risk Management

Ensuring the safety of mining equipment and personnel is the main priority during transport. Heavy haulage companies have strict safety practices and protocols in place to minimise risks and ensure a safe transport process for everyone involved.

This includes detailed risk management that identifies and assesses potential hazards, such as road conditions, route issues, weight distribution, and other key factors. By knowing how to identify problem areas and how to avoid them, risk management significantly enhances the safety and efficiency of the entire process.


6. Specialised Equipment and Industry Resources

Hauling mining equipment to remote sites requires specialty equipment and resources, including trailers, rigging machines, hydraulic lifts, and cranes.

The wrong heavy haulage equipment or technique may put you at risk of:

  • Costly mistakes
  • Project delays and downtime
  • Damage to your machinery or equipment
  • Injury to yourself or other personnel
  • Fines

For example, using the wrong rigging to move heavy machinery can result in extensive damage and expensive repairs.

Having successfully transported thousands of tonnes of equipment, we have the experience, equipment, and resources needed to load and unload mining equipment safely.


7. Expert Drivers

Professional heavy haulage companies will employ expert drivers who understand the challenges of hauling mining equipment. Heavy haulage drivers will be knowledgeable of current safety regulations and how to handle unexpected problems or delays without compromising the delivery deadline. They also know how to keep your mining equipment safe throughout the transport process.

At Australia Wide Haulage, we make sure our drivers undergo rigorous training and ongoing education to ensure they are the best in the industry. All of our drivers are specially trained with the skills needed to safely and efficiently load and unload machinery, use rigging equipment, and complete a seamless transport process.

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8. Integrated Insurance Coverage and Liability Protection

Heavy mining equipment transport requires proper insurance coverage, licensing, and liability protection. Adequate insurance coverage protects your investment in the event of damage to your equipment or accidents.

Professional heavy haulage companies will have the proper insurance coverage to ensure your investment is protected.


9. Cost-Efficiency

Paying for a heavy haulage company to transport your mining equipment may seem costly up front, but outsourcing the transport process can be more cost-efficient.

Instead of investing in additional personnel, specialised equipment and machinery, and extra insurance coverage, a heavy haulage company will handle the entire mining transport process. Outsourcing mining equipment transport to a professional haulage company can save your business time and money.

If you plan to transport mining equipment yourself, you’ll want to factor in these costs:

  • Extra insurance and liability coverage
  • Fuel
  • Obtaining necessary certifications or permits
  • Fines if you are discovered to be non-compliant with permits
  • Additional personnel
  • Renting or buying specialised equipment (flatbed trailers, crane, hydraulic lift, etc.)
  • Maintenance costs of equipment
  • Any damage that occurs
  • Hiring a driver

At Australia Wide Haulage, we offer competitive rates to accommodate a wide range of budgets.


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Transport Your Heavy Mining Equipment Safely and Efficiently with Australia Wide Haulage

Hiring a heavy haulage partner for mining equipment transport offers many benefits, including increased safety, reduced risk of damage to your equipment, less stress, convenience, and cost-efficiency.

At Australia Wide Haulage, we have the specialty equipment, extensive industry experience, and highly-trained staff needed for safe mining equipment transport.

With advanced technology, top-of-the-line equipment, and stringent safety protocols, we offer reliable, innovative heavy haulage trucking services that have helped us become Australia’s leading hauling specialists.

If you need to relocate mining equipment to a remote job site or a new facility, please contact our team of heavy hauling experts. View contact information for our various convenient locations here. We’re here to answer your questions, discuss your requirements, and determine a heavy haulage solution that fits your needs.

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